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Street Artist Rone (@r_o_n_e) on the Walls of Berlin

For more photos and videos of Rone’s work across the world, browse the #Rone hashtag or follow @r_o_n_e on Instagram.

Atop a five-story-high building facade at Nollendorfplatz in Berlin, street artist Rone (@r_o_n_e) has completed his latest work. Known for paintings of glamorous and idolized women, Rone’s street art aims to highlight the friction point between beauty and decay. At a distance, the women depicted on the Berlin building appear perfect, but viewed up close you can see paint running and signs of deterioration.


Tribute to The Trees & The Wild Album “Rasuk” 2009 


your single side won’t be denied
your melodramatic instant sign
is beyond my reach
missing you is just too much
why don’t you just figure it out
you’re fading and i’m still waiting

those words that you wrote on the postcard
is as cold as the winter chill
seems to me it’s not a priority
it’s just another little sign
that you’re fading and i’m still waiting

you’ll fade away

(Source: dediyandra-sleepydaily)

Pedalling through the dark currents

I find..

An accurate copy,

A blueprint,

Of the pleasure.. In me

— BJORK [ Pagan Poetry ]

don’t just dream as high as the roof, cause if you fall, you fall on the ground

you have to dream as high as skyline, so if you fall, you fall on the rooftop

it gives more pain, but better achievement

— Wayan Ade (a random roommate)

temple where rain puddles, perfect

(Source: Spotify)